Ombudsman's Report: January 30, 2004


  • 8,129 e-mails related to NPR and public radio since November 2003.
  • Concern about NPRís Middle East coverage has diminished, but still a concern for many listeners.
  • Still some concern about the Terry Gross-Bill OíReilly interview from October.
  • E-mails of congratulation re: the Kroc bequest.
  • High level of interest in NPR's political coverage.
  • From January 1st, all e-mails on NPR's political coverage are assessed as coming from the left or the right.
  • Since January 1st, 2,157 e-mails from listeners who find NPRís political coverage too conservative.
  • Since January 1st, 130 e-mails from listeners who find NPR's political coverage too liberal.
  • Increased attention to NPR's political coverage from blog sites such as FAIR, and

E-mail by subject

Ombudsman's Web site column 743
Accuracy 5
Bias 5
Gross/O'Reilly 164
Day To Day 20
General inquiries (tapes, transcripts, etc.) 361
Internet Hoaxes 2
Ombudsman's inquiries 9
Ideas/Suggestions/Commentaries 167
Kroc Bequest 185
Ethics Guide 78
Legal 32
Middle East coverage 752
NPR/hosts/program comments 2,145
Online 112
Politics (Nov-Dec) 853
Too conservative 2,144
Too liberal 130
Station issues 130
Underwriting/funding/pledge drives 79
Total 8,129

Jeffrey Dvorkin
Office of the Ombudsman
January 30, 2004