Ombudsman's Report: November 2002


  • 12,626 e-mails were received since mid-July.
  • While the Middle East issues still predominate the complaints, other issues (Iraq, pro/anti-war, economy, domestic security) are emerging.
  • The historical series on the Middle East received a large percentage of complimentary e-mails (apprx. 30 percent).
  • High number of comment/dialogue (NPR/hosts/programs) about the programs. These were not necessarily complaints.
  • Increased number of enquiries (general information) about tapes and transcripts, books, CD purchases, etc.
  • Strong level of satisfaction with the NPR web site.
  • Completed content analysis of NPR's Middle East coverage.

E-mail by subject:

Ombudsman's website column 334
Accuracy 191
Bias 172
Ethics 50
General Information 2,034
Hoaxes 40
Ideas/commentaries/suggestions 536
Inquiries (Ombuds' investigations) 31
Legal 95
Middle East coverage 4,019
Middle East series 370
NPR changes (programs, cultural, etc.) 6
Online 537
Politics/Election 12
Station issues 183
TVC 77
Underwriting/funding (inc. pledge drives) 77
Total 12,626

Jeffrey Dvorkin
Office of the Ombudsman
October 25, 2002