Ombudsman's Report: November 2003


  • 13,216 emails related to NPR and public radio since July 2003.
  • NPRís coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict remains a concern for many listeners. Some acknowledgement of NPRís more timely airing of corrections.
  • With the approach of the political season, more listeners are commenting on NPRís political coverage, many urging NPR to give more time to candidates such Dennis Kucinich.
  • Complaints and concerns about listenersí perception of NPRís political bias (both left and right).
  • High level of interest in the Terry Gross-Bill OíReilly issue.
  • Some listener complaints about a series on childrenís mental health issues.
  • Decline in concerns about station issues and underwriting.
  • Day To Day concerns largely about programs that have been bumped.

E-mail by subject

Ombudsman's website column 435
Accuracy 43
Anti-war 602
Pro-war 34
Bias 560
Corrections 169
Terry Gross/Bill OíReilly 3069
Corrections (non-Middle East) 3
Day To Day 59
General inquiries (tapes, transcripts) 264
Hoaxes 1
Ideas/suggestions/commentaries 920
Ombudsmanís inquiries 8
Journalistic guide 89
Middle East coverage 1874
NPR/hosts/programs 2907
Politics 1992
Station issues 90
Underwriting/funding/pledge drives 79

Jeffrey Dvorkin
Office of the Ombudsman
Oct. 30, 2003